17 APRIL 2023


The search for balance as a creative act at the Nuovo Teatro Sanità

In line with its work with the communities in the neighbourhood, the NtS’ workshop involved young people in their 20s from Naples and neighbouring towns in what has become an act of discovering a new balance, both emotional and physical, towards oneself and towards others.

Indeed, for an artist disequilibrium is a state of mind and the effort made to achieve balance is a creative act. Once the students looked for their physical center of gravity and found it three fingers below their belly button, the work focused on the constant attempt to lose balance and regain it, trusting others and the process.

The group worked indoors and outdoors, using props, stage improvisations and dramaturgy. With the help of their tutors, Marina Cioppa and Michele Brasilio, these young artists faced their frailties and sense of inadequacy in relation to society, finally learning how creativity is a connecting thread between themselves and the environment that surrounds and delimits them – especially in a city such as Naples, itself enchanting and yet never perfectly balanced – making them as unique as the way each one deals with it.

An experiment that led to personal growth, the growth of self-esteem, and the development of critical capacity.

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