M.A.P. stems from the will of four organizations (Nuovo Teatro Sanità, Sardegna Teatro, Circolando, Liminal) to innovate their mission, achieving at the same time the sustainability of economic performance and the right ambition to bring positive change in the context in which they operate, thus promoting an integrated model of well-being for individuals and communities. The project developed from the shared desire to take an active part in the processes aimed at combating social and health inequalities with “active” policy tools. Borrowing forms tested in the field of cultural welfare and pursuing the objectives of the New European Agenda for Culture 2030 (May 2018). The project is characterized by its high ability to generate crossovers and systemic relationships with other policy areas. The project influences organizations to look “outside” at the context, to bring out the latent and unexpressed need, to build new communities, to really make audience empowerment.

The project has three different target groups:

– Young cultural operators and professionals who need to acquire and hybridize social and artistic skills in order to generate inclusive community dramaturgies that help generate social innovation within urban processes;

– Marginalized groups traditionally excluded from the mainstream cultural offer and dominant narratives. Specifically, these are: people with disabilities who are often precluded from cultural enjoyment due to physical and sensory barriers, people from deprived and disadvantaged social backgrounds who do not access the cultural offer also due to phenomena of self-exclusion, in general groups who don’t feel included in any way in cultural proposals due to a communication unable to integrate within it codes and languages ​​of otherness;

– The international community of professionals and organizations engaged in the development of practices, models and methodologies innovative in the field of community cultural processes.

Outcome of the project:

– Having produced 4 community projects through the involvement of groups normally marginalized and excluded from the cultural offer which, by actively participating in the process of co-creation and co-design, feel included for the first time in the artistic experience in a European dimension and represented by narratives;

– Having significantly extended cultural participation by widening and diversifying the composition of the audiences and at the same time helping to promote social inclusion and strengthen the right to culture and the exercise of democracy cultural;

– Having made an archive of contemporary aesthetics.


Nuovo Teatro Sanità – (Naples) Italy

Teatro di Sardegna – (Cagliari) Italy

Circolando coop. cultural crl – (Porto) Portugal

Liminal – (Athens) Greece

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