9 MAY 2023

Theater Workshop:

A walk through intergenerational memories

During the last six months, Circolando has carried out its mission by engaging young and elderly people from the neighborhood of Lomba, in the parish of Bonfim (Porto), in an intergenerational workshop with the aim of creating a performance-installation that would combine sound, photography, video and archive, putting into dialogue, in the public space, the past and the present of the place.

Through a total of 12 meetings with inhabitants, 2 public group events and 11 workshops with youngsters – organized also with the support of the partners Associação de Moradores da Lomba, the IPSS Fios e Desafios and the QPI Qualificar para Incluir – the trainers Artur Carvalho, Tânia Dinis (also artistic director) and Susana Lage (also general coordinator) collected photos, stories and memories about Lomba and impacted the way the youngsters know and live their own city, encouraging them to use the infrastructure of the neighborhood that they didn’t know before and strengthening their relationship with the adults and seniors that live in it.

The mediation project concluded with a walk through the streets and stories of Lomba, which took place on the 22nd of April.

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