17 FEBRUARY 2023

Theater Workshop:
– PART I –

Liminal’s workshop dedicated to playwriting

M.A.P.‘s activities continue with the activation of the four theatre workshops, conceived as a tool for sociability, knowledge and urban sharing through which all participants cultural operators, professionals and audiences can enhance their social and artistic skills, while making theatre more accessible to the target groups and thus also enhancing the territories concerned.

It is with this in mind that Liminal, a Greek organisation dedicated to promoting equal access to culture, is developing its workshop, open to people with and without disabilities, which focuses on accessible dramatic techniques and the co-development of new theatrical texts. Led by the young trainer Lyto Triantafyllidou and coordinated by Polina Manolia, the research began with the question “What do you do?” as a meeting point between the 12 participating writers and the inhabitants of the Athenian neighbourhood Psirri, to discuss how their job defines their bodies, their time and their dreams.
The group then walked around the neighbourhood revisiting it under a different perspective: is it possible for the lights, the sounds, the smells or the textures of the streets to become part of a theatre set? Is the story of our ‘unknown neighbor’ worth becoming drama? Together with special guests such as set designer Dimitris Polychroniadis, the participants learned about best practices to start working on a new project, finally focusing on the writing process and the techniques to make written words turn into spoken language and engage into action.

The workshop will continue in March, with a second part dedicated to creative writing.

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